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10-Driving Rules and Tips by Dwarkaexpress

10-Driving Rules and Tips by Dwarkaexpress

Delhi Traffic Police

Delhi Traffic Police

  • Road senses and knowledge: A driver must concentrate on the road and drive defensively.
  • No cellphones: Use of cellular phone is prohibited. If it is important, stop the car and then talk.
  • Concentration and no drowsiness during driving: Operating a vehicle safely demands that the driver concentrate on driving. The person should be rested, calm and not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Properly rested before long driving: When taking a long trip, avoid drowsiness by stopping frequently to drink coffee, exercise or nap. Exercise your eyes by reading road signs or shifting the focus of your eyes to different parts of the road. Make sure the driver is properly rested.
  • Match the flow of traffic: Your speed should be adjusted for the conditions and match the flow of traffic, as long as it does not surpass the maximum posted speed. You should not be too fast or too slow.
  • Heat up(smoke) vehicle: If smoke appears, pull off the road. Turn off the engine, move away from the vehicle and call the fire department. Vehicle fires can be very dangerous. Do not fight the fire yourself.
  • Common sense during night driving: Night driving is difficult because things may appear differently than in daylight. Also, glare from lights may interfere with vision. Courtesy and common sense should be used when driving at night.
  • Vehicle equipment fails: Crashes generally happen when equipment or any machinery fails. One should be calm enough to handle this situation.
  • Driving in Winters: Winter is the most difficult driving season due to many reasons, including, fog, ice and snow at Hill Stations, lower temperatures and fewer daylight hours. So use fog lights, slow and wipers again and again.
  • Driving during windy: Windy season can be a difficult problem for all drivers. Wind is especially difficult for drivers of trucks and other heavy vehicles. In high winds, you should reduce your speed. Heavy rain often accompanies high winds. You should be alert to wet or slippery areas and plan for those conditions.

Delhi Traffic Police Helpline Number: 011-25844444

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