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Airport Metro fares hiked, why Aam Aadmi suffers

airport metro

Airport Metro

Anguish Dwarka Residents must be feeling by the brazenness the Reliance is fleecing passengers day in and day out, but the fact remains that they are used to getting away with murder!

We all have seen in case of BSES that every year they demand hefty hikes and our CM sheds crocodile tears for the Delhi residents  and hunts along with the wolves. CM gives the cue to DERC publicly and it is followed to the T by DERC, in case of any defiance illegal orders are passed by Delhi Govt. to prevent DERC to perform its duties.
DERC has been a toothless tiger and so is DMRC in front of Reliance.
 The net result is that till the time PP model i.e. Politician- Private Model continues the AAM AADMI will suffer.

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