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Bullet point of Budget 2019 – DwarkaExpress

Bullet point of Budget 2019 – DwarkaExpress

– No income tax till Rs 5 lakh.
– With investments no tax at Rs 6.5 lakh income.
– No income tax on post office interest income upto Rs 40,000.
– No income tax on Rs 2.4 lakh p.a rental income.
– PM kisan (News Scheme)
– Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan (New Scheme)
– Uwla Yojana (New Scheme)
– Artificial Intelligence Scheme (New Scheme)
– Aid of Rs 6000 p.a to small farmers.
– Single window clearance for entertainment.
– Cattle feeders to recieve 2 per cent discount on interest.
– Rs.75000 crore worth of schemes for farmers.
– No interest on loans during natural calamities for farmers.
-Tax processing will take place in 24 hrs.
– 1 lakh digital villages in next 5 years.
– North eastern states worth Rs 58,166 crores.
– Fiscal deficit target for FY22 is 3 per cent.
– Fiscal deficit target for FY20 is 3.4 per cent.
– Rs 1 lakh crore bond buyback in next fiscal year.
– Important contribution of electric vehicles in 2030.
– Target of Rs 5 lakh crore economy till 2024.
– Target of Rs 10 lakh crore economy till 2027.
– 1 crore people payed income tax after demonitisation.
– India will become an auto and medical device manufacturing hub.
– India has done well in space technology
Un-named income of Rs 1.30 lakh crore has been siezed.
– Sagarmala project will be extended
Focus on organic food to be raised.
– Tax revenue target for next fiscal is Rs 2.73 lakh crore.
– Change in custom duties on 36 capital goods.
– GST relief for new home buyers.
– Rs. 65000 crore for railways.
– Rs 38600 crore for educationd development.

-Fuelsubsidy for FY20 is Rs 37000 crore.

Source: India Government

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