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Datawind Preferred Working With IIT Bombay Than IIT Rajasthan

Aakash Tab II

The Canadian manufacturer describes the experience of working with IIT Bombay and IIT Rajasthan as ‘Day and Night’.

After the launch of Aakash 2 tablet, Datawind head Suneet Tuli said that working with IIT Bombay was an entirely different experience in comparison to the one working with IIT Rajasthan. After all the legal fights between Datawind and IIT Rajasthan, the project was given back to IIT Bombay. But it looks like the bitter taste remains with Datawind as Tuli recalls the experience.

Tuli said that it was altogether a different experience for Datawind to work with IIT Rajasthan after they had already worked with IIT Bombay for their previous device. According to the Firstpost report, Tuli said, “In our opinion, there is a day and night difference in the way they function. IIT Bombay is more professional and focused. They are much more focued in to developing and creating applications and content – which is so critical to the project.”

The first Aakash tablet was launched previous year in October and it faced a lot of criticism. There were several issues with the product and its distribution. The users were not happy with the product owing to its slow processor, poor battery life, etc.

And when the project landed in the laps of IIT Jodhpur, Rajasthan, a lot of issues were raised and IIT Jodhpur blamed Datawind for the failure of Aakash tablet. As per the Indian Express report, IIT Jodhpur claimed damages from Datawind and decided to forfeit Rs 50 lakh that the latter had deposited as earnest money, to which Datawind sent a legal notice to the institution for violating non-disclosure agreement.

All this led to the delay of the project, as a result of which IIT Rajasthan was expelled from the project and the ball went back in the court of IIT Bombay this year in May. Commenting on which Tuli said that IIT Bombay focuses on creating a platform and applications that takes the user experience to a different level. On the contrary, IIT Jodhpur was focused towards hardware of the device and was trying to figure out if the tablet can sustain four days of rain, he added.

Now, when the Indian government has launched Aakash 2, he feels happy. “It is their vision to give all 22 million students in India the tablet and they have also initially started off with teacher training in college and universities,” said Tuli.

Centre government has already bought 20,000 tablets from Datawind and the number will reach out to 1,00,000 by the end of this year. 

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