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Dwarka Residents Join Hands for Revival of Water Bodies

Dwarka Residents Join Hands for Revival of Water Bodies

Dwarka Comes Out to Revive its Water Bodies


Water Bodies (Ponds) have always been a huge source of conservation of rain water. In rural set-ups, we always had at least one such water body in every village but as we started moving towards so called Development, we have undermined the importance of these historical ways of water conservation.

In Dwarka, Citizens and NGO’s have taken up the task of reviving their water bodies in the local area. In 2013, then LG, formed Dwarka Water Body Committee which consists of Activist Citizens and DDA Officials, to work upon revival of the water bodies. A total of 5-6 locations have been identified within Dwarka Sub-City where the water bodies will be revived this year before Monsoons.

On Sunday, 1st June 2014, a group of NGO’s and Local Residents came together and took up the task of Cleaning one such water body situated in the District Park of Sector 23, Dwarka. The activity was led by the Senior Citizens Organisation, Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sansthan and supported by many other groups including Jaladhikaar, Ek Sangharsh (Delhi), Natural Heritage First and many more along with residents of village Pochanpur and Bharthal and Dhoolsiras.

“It is our continuous endeavour to work as much as we can for protection of our mother nature. Its a joy to see so many local residents joining hands with us”, said Diwan Singh, Member, Dwarka Water Body Committee.

The enthusiastic group of citizens from various walks of life spent about two hours of their Sunday evening in cleaning the water body under the concept of Sharamdaan. 

“I can not believe that so many people from Dwarka have turned up to do their bit for conservation of natural resources. If we continue the same way, we will soon be setting examples for the entire nation”, said Shobhit Chauhan, President, Ek Sangharsh (Delhi) while addressing the gathering.

The group will carry out similar activities in other water bodies as well. Go on Dwarka! Set Examples!

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