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Emperor Minge + Teddy Boy Kill Live

Emperor Minge + Teddy Boy Kill Live @ blueFrog

Emperor Minge: Emperor Minge is a New Delhi-based 6 piece band. They are known for being unpredictable, audacious and unlistenable to some, and to others, the best thing that has happened to music since Franz Schubert contracted syphilis. The group was formed by musician/would be actor Stefan Kaye and special needs drummer Nikhil Vasudevan in Delhi some time back; they collaborate with beatnik poet Jamie Kelsey.

Opinions on the band vary somewhat with some music journo types claiming influences from obscure acid jazz outfits that no-one in the band has heard of (or would think of listening to), and others elevating them to the status of a 2nd rate school band.

Teddy Boy Kill: Teddy Boy Kill is technologic beat punk neoteric electro music the premier audio blitzkrieg, music to thrill.

Rising out of the usual clutter and clam of electronic music in India, Teddy Boy Kill has forced itself to develop an edgy, distinctly solid sound and mood! Beats/Bass/Synths/Atmospheres/Tales that create the hyper energized tone and imagery of Teddy Boy Kill.


Venue: blueFROG,

The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Opposite the Qutub Minar, Mehrauli , Delhi

Date: 10 Jan, 2013

Timing: 10 pm onwards

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