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Facts & Benefits about Almonds: Health Tips

Facts & Benefits about Almonds: Health Tips

Benefits of Almonds

Almond is good for Cholesterol Regulation

Without soaking, you can eat almonds directly especially in winters, try to eat almond early morning time as empty stomach, so that it will be helpful in absorption of its nutrients itself.

Almonds are good to maintain balance of protein , fiber, magnesium, calcium and other important elements in body.

Almonds help in regulating blood pressure also.

And the most important and good for people suffering from cholesterol problems. It helps in maintaining lower levels of blood cholesterol.

Benefits of Almonds:

Growth of Brain: Good for growing children and memory sharpening.

Good for heart: Help in reducing the risk of heart diseases as the level of saturated fat, protein and potassium are available in almonds.

Help in weight reduction: Eat daily 4-5 almonds, they help in maintaining weight and strength of a body.

Good for Skin: For glow and healthy skin, use almonds daily.

And many other factors, like almonds help in Regulating blood pressure, work as protector of diabetes, good for pregnant woman, prevention of cancer and constipation and play important in boosting our body energy…

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