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Flyover work on Pankha Road a hazard for people

NEW DELHI: Even after missing two deadlines, the South corporation’s ambitious Dabri flyover on Pankha Road is nowhere near completion. Moreover, with no step taken for the safety of pedestrians, hundreds of residents of Janakpuri and Dabri risk their lives every day while crossing the road.

Nine-year-old Sahil, a resident of Dabri, has to brave the fast-moving traffic every day to reach his school, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Janakpuri, which is just across the road. “The traffic never stops and me and my friends hold hands while crossing the road,” said Sahil, who also jumps over a four-foot-high divider to cross the road.

The Pankha Road project is a prime example of poor planning and bad management. “There have been problems in this project right from the start. The corporation failed in planning the project properly. There are no traffic signal on this 1km-long stretch to help pedestrians cross the road and they have to dodge the traffic to cross the road,” said Sanjay Puri, a former councillor.

Even the construction site is not barricaded properly. The one carriageway that was opened to public recently is also not lit. “Streetlights have not been installed. At night, it is extremely dangerous to drive on this stretch,” said Gulshan Rai, president of Janakpuri C2 Block resident welfare association.

According to Rajesh Gehlot, chairman, standing committee, South corporation, “The construction company will be asked to deploy marshals to man the site. We are in talks with traffic police to install a traffic signal for pedestrian movement on this stretch as the construction work will continue for at least six months. We are going to open the second carriageway soon.”

The project, sanctioned in 2009, was scheduled to be completed by 2011, but last year the deadline was extended by a year. Officials say that though the civic agency will open both the carriageways, the entire flyover will be complete only by 2013-end, as the work on the clover leaf connecting west Delhi to Dwarka has just started.

From: TOI, 3 Dec, 2012

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