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Swimming lovers in Dwarka – Indraprastha International School, Sector 10

Swimming lovers in Dwarka – Indraprastha International School, Sector 10

Swimming Classes Dwarka

Finally winters off…time to boost yourself with new exercises and workout…And swimming is the best workout for kids, young generations, housewives and anyone who wanna physically fit during lifetime. In Dwarka, many schools and academies will start their swimming classes under professional trainers from 1st April to 30 September, 2022.

Indraprastha International School, Sector 10, Dwarka

Few Structure:

One time fee – 250₹ per hr
Monthly – 5000₹
3 months – 12000₹
6 months – 15000₹
Ladies Timing:
Morning – 5-6 AM
Evening – 4-7 PM
Morning – 6-7AM
Evening – 7-9PM
Kids – Allowed in all slots
For more details please contact
M: 9811656925, 9813795343

Features of Pool:

– Personalised Coach

– Special ladies coach available

– Covered Pool

– Enjoy open swims

– Well maintained water

– Special discounts

For more details or information or advance booking for timing or enrollment call on above numbers.


  1. i wanna join this swi
    mimg clases ..
    could u plz tell m creteria. of taking addmission. and whn wll u iniatate classes and fee str.

  2. i want to join swimming classes, evening time

    would you plz tell me the availability & fee structure.

  3. Hi ,

    Are these classes still available.

  4. The experience with Farmers Acadmy swimming at Indraprastha school Dwarka is pathetic. After you pay and join to see their services you will be surprised to see the actual result…

    1.. The staff have no sense to address ladies and Gents specially when they have to refuse something
    2. . The hygiene maintained at pool is very bad no cleaning at all
    3.. The ladies time is specially to be seen as the staff (4 or 5 males) atleast will sit inside and enjoy their feast… I could hear some stories as I was in just next bath after the ladies batch…
    4.. NO proper coaching standards are followed, anyone of them would simply start teaching on his own way. They will tell you for few days and then would concentrate on new comers..
    5. Everything goes well if you are regular but the staff acts weirdly on any vacation taken and adjusting for same. they would then introduce you to their own rule book..

    OVERALL its not even worth trying…Try other swimming classes in Dwarka

  5. I want to join swimming pool ,what is the fees for one month

  6. I wNt to join swimming esp for weight lose. May I know the charges and timings

  7. I want 2 join swimmjng classes in march its a possibke nd plz giving fees structure

  8. can you please tell me the fee structure….transport convince and i have to join
    two classes from 7:00pm to8:00pm and 8:00pm to 9:00pm so tell the fee structure accordingly

    will the classes be held daily

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