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Holi: The festival of colours

Holi celebrating in Delhi

Holi celebrating in Delhi

Holi is a festival of color and celebrated mostly in north part of India. Traditionally it is celebrated because of victory of truth over might. On this day people express their love and affection by color and Gulal. This is the beginning of Basant also where trees leave their old leafs and welcome fresh leaf it implies that people should also leave their hate, sadness and start a fresh life. It is very important festival of India .This festival teaches us to share love, brotherhood and joy with others despite having differences. Therefore, our efforts should be to color the life of people who are deprived and legging behind rather than just color the face or cloth. Once we do that that is the real celebration of Holi.Let us enjoy and color the life of a person who is sad and has no color in his/her life.

Now a day when we are in different scenario we should also take care of our environment and should not try to pollute air, water and skin of a person and hence always enjoy holi with flowers or herbal color.

Holi ayee khusiyan layee

Dhartee rang se lal hui

Es patjhar ke rahte bhi

Paudhe bhi khushhal hui

Gale lagao nafrat chhoro,

Manabta ka daman pakro

Dekho jai jai kar hui.

Gali gali se nagar nagar se aati ek awaj hai

Sach sath jo chore hoilika ki tarah jal jati hai

Ye mat socho kaun hai apna kya hai sapna

Pyar ne lee angarai hai……….

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