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How to apply for a new passport on phone: DwarkaExpress

How to apply for a new passport on phone: DwarkaExpress

How to apply for a new passport on phone (Android or iOS)

Step 1 : Download the free mPassport Seva app on Android or iOS
Step 2 : Tap on New User Registration after opening the app
Step 3 : Select the Passport Office
Note – Select the Passport Office from the list as per the city in which you are residing. The new process allows citizens to apply for a new passport from anywhere in India. This means if you are hometown is in Lucknow and you stay in Chennai, you can apply for a fresh passport or re-issue in lieu of an existing passport from Chennai itself.
Step 4 : Enter personal details like name, date-of-birth, email id
Step 5 : Enter a unique login ID
Note : Think about a unique login ID and check for its availability and then add a strong password. (This process is similar to opening an email ID). You can also keep your email ID as a login ID for the app.
Step 6 : Add a security/hint question and answer
Note – This will come handy when you forget your password.
Step 7 : Enter Captcha
Note – After the confirmation , add the text written inside the small image (Captcha code) and hit submit.
Step 8 : Check for an email from passport.admin
Note – You will then have to activate the account by checking for the email sent by the passport office and clicking on the verification link.
Step 9 : Verify account on Passport Seva website
Note – On clicking the verification link, you will be directed to a webpage and you will be asked to enter your Login ID for confirmation.
Step 10 : Close the app and relaunch it again
Note – Then go to “Existing User” and enter your Login ID followed by the password and Captcha code. After that you will be greeted with a screen saying Apply for Fresh Passport along with other option.
Step 11 : Keep documents handy and fill in the form
Note – Click on Apply for fresh passport, fill in the form and follow the steps shown on the app.
Step 12 : Make Payment
Note – You can opt for digital payment services while applying for a new passport.
Step 13 : Schedule an appointment for document verification
Note – After filling in the form, you will have to fix an appointment to visit a Passport Centre in your city for document verification.

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Source : passportindia.gov.in
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