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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in the Workplace

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in the Workplace

One of the most important things in running a good business is to keep your employees happy, making them feel they are truly a key part of the business. Employees at all levels already know that no one is indispensable, however, true leaders don’t show or tell their employees that they can easily be replaced. Remember most employees are likely to reflect and show how they feel about their jobs or company in the way they treat their clients and even their coworkers.

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Employee incentives are designed to reward their performance in the workplace; they highlight individuals that work hard and get the job done in an outstanding manner. Here are few tips any company can use to keep their staff motivated:

  • Show appreciation:It should be the starting point; appreciation can be shown verbally, letting your employees know that if the business is doing great, it was because of their hard work, and that they could benefit from that accordingly. Well if you are looking for job then Neuvoo is your right destination.
  • Offer special bonuses or rewards:this is the most commonly used incentive by companies and it works most of the time. However, not many companies are willing to increase the rewards once their employees keep achieving the established goals, since what they do is only raise the goal, most likely creating some type of discomfort for the employee.
  • Time rewards also count:Sometimes less is more. Companies can use time as an incentive based on performance, giving a paid half-day or a day off is definitely a good incentive that everyone can appreciate and work hard to achieve.
  • Reward great ideas:Listen to your employees and reward their ideas. They usually have a better insight on what truly is going on in a business and on how they can improve it, so make sure you listen.
  • Have a casual day:Working in a corporate environment can be tiring, especially on Fridays. Allow your employees to dress casually on these days to make them feel more relaxed, so they can feel the weekend has already arrived.
  • Be creative:Many things might come to mind regarding incentives. Try to use some type of entertainment to reward your employees, such as rewarding their efforts with restaurant gift cards, subscriptions to some type of software, etc.

Written by: Prateek Shabani

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