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How to save money from daily expenses

How to save money from daily expenses

Save Money | Dwarkaexpress

Save Money | Dwarkaexpress

In today’s physical world we all tempt to facilities provided by invention and technology. In fact better life is not possible without obtaining the articles/goods made or delivered by these invention and progress. To get these we need Income. And more often we focus on it because whether you go for study, for family, for medical bills or for future which is almost uncertain.  Also if somebody wants to start his/her business setup, he/she needs money.

So whatever the reason is on priority, at the end money is needed. Probably we all focus only on income and forget the theory that saving money is earning money. Accordingly,it is an important feature and one should focus on that. Here are few tips on saving money which is at par with Income:

Try to save money first every month and then the remaining amount will use on daily expenses. By this one can save some fixed amount from their income. As we all aware, income is fixed and expenses are variable. And hence always monitor your expenses by adopting better financial discipline in this competitive market where options are plenty. Make it a practice of  saving amount to be fixed as if your income is after that saving amount. As we heard this from our grandparents since childhood: Bund bund se hi gadha bharta hai means one-day these tiny saving, will become big, which we can use to invest in our future projects.

One very common mistake, we all have done in our life. Whatever likes our eyes, we use to buy that product. Maybe sometimes, it is seriously waste, or we just dump after few days.  So beware and be active in mind before get into shopping. It implies that when you go for expenses give weight age to brain over heart.

You can do it by changing in your food habit. Check out bills daily, maybe we have a habit of eating a lot outside. Try to change our habit of eating at the restaurant as their foods are much expensive than homemade food.

Try to use car pooling with neighbors or colleagues, to avoid the extra burden of petrol. By doing this you may contribute in Indian economy also as we are heavily dependent up on foreign for fuel.

Check your bills towards  electricity, gas, water, phone, etc. might be; you can cut some expenses from these bills, by using buckets while bathing and switch-off the lights and fans when no longer needed.

Maybe, it will take some time to get into saving mode but believe such small tips will give you immense in days/years to come. After all we all need secure future and this is not possible without be alert in present.. Remember, little things mean a lot.  🙂

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