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Incident of 30th April 13, High handiness of Dwarka Police against law abiding citizens

This is to inform you and share the high handiness of Dwarka Police against Mr. Rejimon CK Dwarka Forum by SHO Mr. Ram Kishan Yadav and ASI Mr. Pratap Singh.

Brief incidents as follows:

Mr. Rejimon is the resident of Nav Sansad Vihar CGHS Ltd and an active resident  member of his apartment and Dwarka. Mr. Joginder Singh a resident and former IPS Officer is also resident and former President of that apartment. Mr. Singh  is frequent nuisance for the residents as he was removed from the Post of President under lead activism by Rejimon follwing RCS court of enquiry for delinquency, irregularities etc. Mr. Singh wants free hand parking  for him and his visitors anywhere in the society premise  in objectionable position inside the society.  In-spite of knowing the society policy on parking and also having requested umpteen times  and he is reluctant to do so. The guards and staff request drivers to keep the vehicle park only at designated parking. As these obstruct the movement of vehicles, pedestrian of movement of senior citizen , people with disability and other residents to walk around  and other inconveniences. However Mr. Singh is adamant on not following the Code of Ethics adopted by the General Body of the society and which is implemented for all equally.

The guards and staff of the society were regularly threaten by Mr. Singh and his staffs for asking to abide these rule set by the

Since it was objected by the residents Mr Singh called police and exhibit his power.

In the evening all of sudden there Mr. Samay Singh , ACP Dwarka and Mr. Ram Kishan , SHO Sector 23 appeared in the society asked Rejimon to come down. Mr. Rejimon along with other office bearers of the society reached gate. The management invited them to society office, which they declined. The Management asked the reason for the police presence and on whose complaint. The ACP declined to reveal and told that who authorized the management to stop the vehicle entering the premise. The management informed that No vehicle is stopped only been asked to park in parking area. This would help senior citzen and others to have safe & comfortable  walk.

The ACP and SHO reluctant  to provide any credible reason for their visit as they internal  internal matter,but insist on taking action
against the management and guards for not respecting Mr. Joginder Singh. Police threatened the guard at this point Mr. Rejimon asked to provide the copies of the complaint or call the complainant as this is purely a society internal matter and NOT A LAW AND ORDER issue.

Meanwhile Mr. Samay Singh ACP left  whispering something to SHO on his ears. Mr. Rejimon was trying to make a call from his cell number at this point SHO shouted at Rejimon HOW DARE you to record my interaction on your phone. Mr. Rejimon said as you well aware that the entire complex is under CCTV and even this is recorded. Mr. Ram Yadav on this asked the constable Mr. Ram Pratap who was threatening the guard to take Rejimon into custody and move into the vehicle. On this Mr Rejimon as aware citizen asked him on what provision and without any law and order violation  how could you drag me out from  here.

Mr.Yadav said there is no justification need to provide as I am Police officer and have all the powers. Mr. Ram pratap ASI caught through the collar of the T Shirt of Rejimon and dragged him to SHO Vehicle.   One of the the LADY MC member  who was  also standing with Rejimon was pushed by the SHO and ASI knowing fully that this is against the law.

However the lady residents asked the SHO not to do this kind of action as this is totally illegal and against all rules and ethics. The SHO
and ASI started abusing all the residents and threaten them with dire consequence and pushed again Rejimon and the Lady Member to SHO Vehicle which his driver put on ready in start mode. Meanwhile the SHO called the Police Station and threatened that he will get additional force including lady police and take action.

All the resident had come out to main gate and spoke in one voice that that the Police action was inappropriate and demanded review.

Finally some of the senior citizen and ladies of the society told SHO that what you are doing is highly condemnable and review it. Finally he cool down but he  and his staff Mr. Pratap Singh  continued to threat Rejimon and society  for dire consequences.

Probably the SHO then  realized  that he and his team were wrong on their actions.

Meanwhile Rejimon informed the DF GB Members also and we reached the spot by the time the SHO and team left.

Now what action we all need to take on this repeated behaviour of Police officials especially SHO Mr. R S Yadav and Pratap Singh the ASI as we all see physical assult on females by male police and other innocent public.

This what happen to a person who stand with Police for their good job and appreciate them and to facilitate interaction etc.

We condemn the incident and look forward to take up the issue further.To take official stand of police and to see on what complaint
they acted like that we are meeting at 7 pm today at Police Station 23.

We request all our members, media friends to be present and ensure that police is not for IPS officers only but for us.

Posted by Sushil Kumar (DF)


  1. ashok mehrotra

    why not all residents of dwarka gather soemwhere and march dcp office to protest aginst such police officials.as far as samay singh is concerned i can believe his unwarranted behaviour.

    • Shobhit Chauhan

      @Ashok Mehrotra:
      Do you really feel that a march can solve the issue? I don’t feel so. We all need to get together and file a strong case of Human Rights Violation and lawlessness by the staff of Sector 23 PS, Dwarka. This is not the first instance. We have seen few more such incidents in last 2-3 months coming from the same staff.

  2. ashok mehrotra

    if he is same sho who was in dwarka north why not we shud file rti why he is holding sho post for so long why not other inspectors have been given chance?

    • Shobhit Chauhan

      Ashok ji!

      He is not the same SHO. He was in Dabri earlier. He is Ram Kishan Yadav.
      The SHO of Dwarka North was a gentle man as far as I know him, he is now in Dabri.

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