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Irony of Indian Politics: Crime, Crime and Crime

Crime against women

Crime against women

Today we read in most of the newspaper regarding West Delhi MP Mahabal Mishra and his family involvement in abducted and raped of 16 year old girl before 7 years…

That’s extremely depressing to notice such news but happy to hear that our nation media at last picked the story. Irony of our nation is that this man our West Delhi Reputed MP Mahabal Mishra anticipated himself as the true man or saver of the family of Damini (16 Dec 2012, rape victim).

This is real hypocracy and shows the character of leaders who appears in public with manipulated face. Time and again we used to vote them and elected as our savers and protectors of society.

Let us write all concerned to take serious action against him otherwise there is no meaning of ordinance issued by the Government.

Let us boycott such element from the society. If we support Damini cause then we should also hold a protest against such man who unfortunately happens to be our MP (Dwarka).

I wanted to recall all of you that the family members of the victim came to us during the protest and briefed us. Many of us followed up with media and finally it has come in public domain. Let us show our unity towards the victim and her family.

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