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Is Delhi So Bad or we are??

Is Delhi so bad | Dwarkaexpress

Is Delhi so bad | Dwarkaexpress

A 5000-year-old city, which was once close to heart of Pandva,’s by the name of Indraprastha, a city that proudly accepted dynasties and rulers. A city of Religion, a city of love, a city of faith and a city of history. This city has always fascinated everyone with its glamour and pace. However, today somewhere this attraction has become fatal for Delhi.

In recent few years, capital of our nation is in news for awful reasons. Starting with the most shameful event in country’s history – Brutal rape of 23-year-old girl. Adding to it murders, kidnapping and theft are rest in the list of crimes in Delhi.

One thing, which has struck badly on the image of capital, is – increasing crime against women. Instead of blaming one another, have we taken step to find out what exactly the root cause is? Recent advancements, technologies, heavy life style and pace of this capital has attracted others but have also backfired on us.

In this stressed full environment of work, targets, business development somewhere human, and humanity development have left behind. Every one of us is too busy in this hectic life schedule to take a stand against crime. Why it is like that a girl is been teased by few Roadside Romeos and we the people see and move on because we are getting late for office or a movie is scheduled with girlfriend. Why that 23-year-old girl remained half-dead lying on street and none of us stopped to give a helping hand.

It will not be practical to have police officers at every 100 meter of street but it is possible to wake the police officer, which is living inside each one of us. In schools if we remember we, all took a pledge every morning ‘all Indians are my brothers and sisters’ but today we are not able to protect our sisters.

Media today have done a job to bring true face of this capital but what about those villages of UP and Bihar were media never goes. Are those places crime free? We all know answer is NO and if we look deep inside the picture is even worse than capital. So what we do just blame the bad people and escape from our responsibilities? We all must stand wherever we are and take a step forward to and fight. Fight for our freedom against crime.

Delhi was never bad or dirty it is we who have made this city like that. Yamuna was never dirty when it originated from mountains its we who have poured our shits into it. Do not say Delhi is bad it has given all to you a future, a life style, a hope to be successful and a hope to stand tall. We live in heart of nation and at the end DIL SAAF HONA CHIYAE.

Contributed by: Dr Gaurav Pal Tomar

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