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ISI gave Rs. 5 Lakh to man who killed jawan

India Pakistan War

India Pakistan War

We know our Govt departments are well aware of the fact but this is not something which can be put under carpet.

There are many lobbies in India who want to put everything under carpet to continue business and other activities but we sincerely hope that you will take up this issue with PM and MEA as defence minister.

If we ignore such thing what impression we will give to the entire world? Everyday we listen the statements of leaders from Pakistan,US that they are with India on terror and we are denied even access to Hedly and Rana convicted for terror activities. If this is not hypocracy than up to how long we will wait to know the fact. We should stand and fight this at our own.
We people of India request you to demand for extradition of those whose name has come in public domain.We also want to see the response of Govt of Pakistan. If they still want to live in the world of denial in that case there should not be any relation with state of terrorists.

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