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Join the hunt for the ‘Lost Gold of World War II’, only on History TV18 HD

Join the hunt for the ‘Lost Gold of World War II’, only on History TV18 HD


Starting September 14, 6 PM, follow a team of treasure hunters trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries of World War II

 History TV18 HD is taking its viewers on a quest to unearth one of the largest treasures in modern-day history. The team of explorers on the channel’s latest premiere, ‘Lost Gold of World War II’, premiering on the 14th of September at 6 PM, are going to hike through the dense jungles of South-east Asia, following signs and symbols, to search for a rumoured treasure that is popularly known as the Yamashita Gold. The hundreds of billions of dollars of stolen loot supposedly hidden in the region by Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita has lured treasure hunters from around the world for decades. This hidden haul is now being tracked on an exciting 8-part series airing Monday to Friday evenings at 6, only on History TV18 HD.Towards the end of the Second World War, the Imperial Japanese Army allegedly built a series of underground tunnels across South-east Asia to hide vast amounts of stolen money, jewels, art, and valuable artefacts. When General Yamashita was assigned to defend the Philippines in 1944, it is alleged that he hid the war loot in secret spots across the country. And, when he was eventually executed in 1946, he died taking the location of the tunnel system with him to the grave. Now, a team of American explorers on History TV18 HD’s exclusive premiere, ‘Lost Gold of World War II’, premiering on the 14th of September at 6 PM, are going all out to try to unearth one of the greatest mysteries of the Second World War.On the series, the treasure hunters will encounter booby-traps, hidden trap-doors, secret underwater tunnels, possible links to an old CIA controversy, and dire warnings of deathly risks. In the treasure hunting world, it is believed that animal face symbols can direct a search in the direction of where the eyes are looking. On one of the episodes, a rock carved to look like a gorilla’s face points to a possible secret tunnel hidden below a gushing waterfall. With access to advanced metal detectors, laser scanning equipment, and drones, the team will also be guided by secret treasure markers, like pointing arrow heads, Japanese box symbols carved into rocks, the direction of the tail of an animal marker, and even boulders shaped like animals.


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