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Karwa Chauth: An auspicious day

Karwa Chauth: An auspicious day

Happy Karwa Chauth: DwarkaExpress

Happy Karwa Chauth to Dwarkaites

When: Wednesday, 19 October, 2016
Where: North India

Karwa Chauth: One of the most important occasion of Northern Indian married women.  Karwa Chauth as the name significant of “Karva” earthen pot with a spout used in prayers and is celebrated on the “Chauth” fourth day of the Kartik Hindu month or October/ November, before the festival of lighting: Diwali. Women observed full day without water fast and pray for the happy and long life of their husbands.

Karwa Chauth Celebrations

Before a day or two of Karwa Chauth festival, markets are decorated with beautiful lighting and gifts. As mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws is applying henna or mehendi, on the significance of Karwa Chauth. Daughters-in-law purchase new clothes and gifts for mothers-in-law and in return mothers-in-law present them sindoor, new bangles and make-up kits and wishing her for a long and happy married life.

On the day of Karwa Chauth, married women wake up early before dawn. Take bath and invoke blessing of goddess Parvati for their husbands and family. After which they touch the feet of their mothers-in-law to seek her blessings and then everybody feasts on a meal traditionally known as sargi.

Another important part of Karwa Chauth celebrations is dressing up as a bride for the festival. All the married women wear traditional or their wedding dresses in reds and maroons adorn themselves with traditional singaar.

Karwa Chauth Customs

Fasting is the most important part of Karwa Chauth celebrations which the married women observe after the sun rises. Women on this day fast throughout the day for the longevity of their husbands. In the morning women prepare for their evening puja by decorating their thali and adorning themselves in traditional dresses like saris, lehengas or any traditional dress.

The evening puja is an additional important ritual of Karwa Chauth. Fasting women from all over the neighborhood gather in a group before sunset between 4 and 5pm where according to the traditional pray to the idol of Goddess Gauri is made using wheat flour and the ladies sit in a huge circle encircling to the idol.. Decorative ‘bindis’ on the forehead are a must for all women taking part in this celebration. Ladies sing the Karwa Chauth song while rotating the thalis around and listen to the Karwa Chauth story.

Special Ritual at Moon Rise

After the Karwa Chauth puja is over, women wait for the moon to rise so that they can end their fasts. When the moon is sighted, women see its reflection in a thali of water, or through a dupatta or a sieve. They offer water to the moon and seek blessings. They pray for the safety, prosperity and long life of their husbands. She is then given a piece of sweet and sip of water by her husband.

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