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Life of workmen to clean sewer

Life of sewage cleaner worker

Life of sewage cleaner worker

We all see people working to clear sewer and sometime we hear the news that some of them died due to emission of  gas or drawn. To over come this Delhi Govt  has finally taken the first step towards imposing a ban on the dangerous task of manually cleaning sewers.
The order further states that in cases where human entry in a sewer is unavoidable it should be “with the approval of an officer of the level of at least a superintendent engineer. The entry should be in the presence of an officer of the level of at least an assistant engineer who would ensure the compliance of all safety measures”. The notification is fallout of deliberations over the Special report of the Delhi Commission for safai karamcharis and remedial measures suggested by a committee led by secretary of the commission with representatives from DJB and DSIIDC as members.

We are thankful to Government for caring life of workmen to clean sewer.

This came in my mind suddenly as today we have come across with heavy rain and there was huge traffic jam all around.Hope with the implementation of mechanical cleaning things will be better in days to come.

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