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– by Mehar Jassan

 indispensible neighbours I step out of the house and I don’t leave alone; with me are some ogling curious eyes. Some aunties staring would take it as an offence if I forgot to wish them. Others have their spying spectacles on.

But rarities are those species who just ogle for the sake of it. Why would somebody just follow you with their scorching, irritating eyes till eternity? In this fast paced life we do not have time to look at the guy sitting next to us, how do these ‘velloistic’ people get plenty of time..(Vellaoistic people is a term coined to denote excessively workless people, coming from ‘vella’)But then I also fail to understand, how these people can stare at you, with you being conscious. Either they are way too worthless to come up with staring as an ideal time pass. Or they simply like it as an act or could they be writing a book on ‘101 ways to stare a neighbour to death’.

No matter, how worthless, the above excuses may seem but I am not able to come terms with a plausible excuse if not explanation.

Believe it or not, neighbours hold the key to our lifestyle, greatly. The way we eat, sit, dress is greatly influenced by the society.

Let alone the ‘vellaoisti’c people, the nosy aunties go around the town being the harbingers of culture, scanning you from top to bottom. They want to know the distance you will be covering and would want it to be covered into displacement, so as to reach home in time. Yes, we don’t mind them but where has the saying ‘Live and Let Live’ absolved.

Pesky neighbours are a threat to your existent. The ‘Mind Your Own Business’ kinds of neighbors ,are endangered.

In a nut shell let us look at the various types of neighbors and how they affect our lifestyle:

1. The ever ogling neighbours: This category makes us conscious and ignites the dormant anger in us.

2. The log book neighbours: They would expect you to sign your entry and exit from the house even when it is a green signal from your parents.

3. The agony aunt neighbours: The advice you on this and even that. Either it be in their forte or out of their bounds. The best way ,in which they can help is by being hush.

4. The gossip kings and queens: Pick up the rustle of the leaves and report it as a bomb that exploded. Exaggeration is their religion.

5. The omnipresent neighbours: You go to the market; you see them. You sneak out of the curtain to catch a glimpse; you see them. They are everywhere and anywhere.

The list is never ending; being endemic to different regions.

Ignore them or house them in your hearts; they are an indispensable part of your existence as it is rightly said ‘Neighbors are family’; pesky or friendly, up to you.

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