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Lips care tips before it becomes worse in coming winters

Lips care tips before it becomes worse in coming winters


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With the knocking winters, there are many skin problems that can make your daily life tough. As we all aware about the winter season lacks moisture, and our body suffers from dry skin and chapped lips.  And Lips care tips become dry, cracked and painful during this season. This is due to the lack of nutrients, cold in environment and many other reasons.

There are some easy and simple ways to exterminate the problem:

DON’T lick dry lips, this will make them drier n may even cause cracking and fissures.

APPLY mustard oil on the naval (umbilicus) at night or even two times a day. This works wonder.

USE a lip balm with SPF of atleast 15 and VITAMIN E.

DRINK plenty of water to stay hydrated in the winter and this will help your lips have enough moisture.

TAKE citrus fruits and their juices like lemon, orange etc. because these contain Vitamin C which prevent cracking of lips (known as cheilosis).

SCRUB chapped lips with a very soft tooth brush to remove dead skin and APPLY a thick lip balm /ghee /glycerine /butter at night before sleeping.

APPLY warm seasem oil over lips.

MESSAGE lips with coriander leaf juice.

SCRUB lips with a mixture of rose petals, butter and sugar to smooth-en them.

MASSAGE LIPS DAILY with Cream /Vaseline for 1 or 2 minutes before sleeping.

Dr. Nitin Shakya

(A well known Health and fitness expert  is an alumni of Maulana Azad Medical College and have been associated with reputed institutions  such as Lok Nayak Hospital, G.B.Pant Hospital, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Medcity etc)

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