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Nature’s painkillers for healthy life

Nature’s painkillers for healthy life

Home-RemediesStop filling yourself on painkillers, antibiotics and switch to nature’s bounty to fight in different pain.

Com’on guys lets switch to Natural remedies 🙂

For every small pain in body painkillers, painkillers and we stop on painkillers only…But long use of painkillers become addicted to them, and painkillers become one of the reasons of your health goes down and down. Its like an alcohol for body…you take it; you will feel better or vice versa…hey time to deep gulp into the Mother nature, for lighten in pain.

Yogurt: Commonly known as dahi or curd

Target: Stomach/tummy problems

Commonly used curd is rich in lactobacilli-the excellent bacteria that aid absorption of food in your body, ease in stomach cramps and recover gastrointestinal function. Lot of options available in market or you can easily make good curd at home, but probiotic yogurts, which are available in the market, are good option for tummy problems.  And you can also try flavored yogurt which you can make easily at home with blending fruits like bananas, strawberries, etc. in it.

Cherries: Look for red, fresh and firm ones

Target: Muscle pain

It’s time to joy for people who are in pain of arthritis and muscle. And guess cherries are the reason.  Cherries are rich in anthocyaninis and have anti-oxidant properties in it, which is helpful in reducing inflammation in the body.

Turmeric: Haldi, used in preparing food

Target: Colitis, achy joints

Turmeric, famously known as haldi is a favorite in the Indian household. Turmeric is a natural painkiller and cox-2 inhibitors. Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that put together an ideal antiseptic used in wound healing in your body.  Turmeric is powerful cancer fighters especially help in preventing breast cancer. And the easy one: Turmeric helps you reduce pigmentation on your face and even out your skin tone.

Ginger: twist in taste

Target: Migraines, sore muscles

Lifeline of every kitchen and most of the cuisine, ginger is the a little something extra that gives life to a host of dishes. It’s been used medicinally as ayurvedic for more than 2,000 years. As a best home remedy for cold, cough and stomach ailment. Ginger is more effective against staph infection than antibiotics without negative effect on body. You can add ginger in everyday meals or in tea or try ginger juice. Ginger is also available in candy form in market for the soothing of your throat. Ginger as a root can also help in reducing muscles pain and migraine pains. More or less, ginger is medicine for all.

Black Pepper: Fighter

Target: Obesity and digestion

Add Black Pepper to your meal, and this amazing spice will help in break-up the long time congestion, when you add in hot cup of tea of hot water. Its antibacterial property is helping, when you cut yourself. Black-pepper extracts in fighting. Black Pepper can also help prevent the formation of intestinal gas and reduce stomach upset and most important Fat fighter.

Herbal tea: Switch to antioxidant rich tea

Target: Headaches

Herbal tea makes you healthier and help in abdominal gas and bloating. Drinking herbal tea can also be a great source of vitamins and minerals. When you’re drinking herbal tea, you get aromatherapy at the same time—and that’s something you don’t get from a tablet!

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