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Old Age: A Punishment? 

Old Age: A Punishment? 

A Mother of 4 Grown Up & Self-Dependent Children Living in an Old Age Home of an NGO!

We always say Mother-Child relation is priceless and immortal.

But is this statement true at every stage of life? Probably true in some case and no in others.

Earth Saviors Foundation: a helping hand for homeless-abandoned senior citizens and Rescue Centre for mentally disabled people found lying on road-sides waiting for their last breath. This foundation run by its Founder Mr. Ravi Kalra; a gem on earth or you can say Farishta.

Aagya Kaur, an old woman from posh area of Vikaspuri, New Delhi, having 3 grown up sons and 1 daughter, is now at the Gurukul ofEarth Saviours FoundationWhy so? Because her children’s pain of earning bread and butter overcame the pain she went through while nurturing them in her womb and while making them what they are today!

We understand the problem faced by us at every phase of life. But after a certain age we value things, not humans. Are we ill-advised?

Aagya Kaur, a full of life lady, believes in her God, Guru Nanakji and chants her Guru’s name all the time and also prays for her kids happiness and wellness without any complaints. At the age of 70, she has that much consciousness to do right prayers for her kids. Yes, the very same kids who could not even keep her in their house after she made them stand on their own feet.

Talking about today’s scenario of society, aren’t these types of cases increasing day by day. According to Mr. Kalra, these types of incidents are increasing, as kids are not sensitive towards their parents. They think, parents’ duty is to take care of their kids but not vice-versa. Parents become burden on them after a certain age.

There is saying from our ancestors “Maa Baap 5-5 bache pal lete hai bina shikayaat kiye, par 5 bache milkar ek maa baap ko nahi rakh sakte.”

Being Indians we are very boastful of values in relations and being well cultured people and falsely claim that we are not influenced by Western people on their dress, ways of living etc etc… But reality is quite different, right? Why we are comparing ourselves with Western Countries, they have more values and open culture which we can’t accept, but we like it.

We love enjoying life, invest money in luxury life, love to roam, food, movies, parties but when it comes to taking care of parents, we are least bothered. We are proudly ready to take care of our parental property, not parents. Ready to spend time on chats, facebook, gossips, bitching etc, but no time for old parents. Why?

It is always said, we are emotionally attach at least with our mother from the day of birth as she not only gives birth but also feeds and protects us for a better and healthy life. But the question arise as sons and daughters, don’t we have any responsibilities towards them?

As we always say “Father is first Super-hero to any Kid”. But when that Super-hero of our lives become old and needs our love and care, we back out and treat him as an extra and unwanted material of the house.

There was time, when parents were treated as God on Earth, so what has changed so much so that we have been throwing out these Gods not only from our houses but also from our lives? Why are the parents living without emotions or without dignity?
This is a question for all of us. Ponder upon it.

Ms. Ravi



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