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Our Friends in Need; Smart Phones!

Our Friends in Need; Smart Phones!

The other day I was in a new locality and needed to use an ATM urgently. I was completely oblivious to the where-about of the place. I inquired from a few people who appeared to be the local residents and they did everything possible to confuse me as much as they could! Tired of roaming in heat, I remembered I have an Android based SMART PHONE! (I know I am not as smart as my phone!)

There I found an option ‘Near By’ in Maps. I punched 3 letters ‘A-T-M’ & within a few seconds, it gave me a list of about 10 ATMs in 2KMs radius. The list had distance marked on each. As I clicked on the first option in the list, the navigation system based on in-built GPS started guiding me through the alien locality (for me; not for my smart phone) & took me right till the ATM booth before reminding me clearly that I have reached my destination lest I get so engrossed in the smartness of the phone that I forget my destination.

Smart Phones have changed the way we live. Entire world which which was said to be a ‘click away’ till sometime back is now always in our pockets. Be it our favourite track from a latest album or a business e-mail or an exciting chat with  our loved one(s); one compact smart phone does it all for us in no time.

Smart phones are saving us a lot of time & making us more efficient & our work a lot easier.  Our human friends might not be there at odd hours of the day (and night) but our new best friend (smart phone) would always be there for us.

So explore the smart phone & enjoy your work work made easy.

Haan agar smart phone jyada smartness dikhaye to jaan hi le lena uski… (remove the battery)… lol….



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