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Ravi Kalra : Farishta on Earth

Ravi Kalra : Farishta on Earth

These days children abandon their old parents to suffer and die in their old age days. Poor and old are seen lying on road sides waiting for their last breath but here is Mr. Ravi Kalra who is no less than a Farishta for these helpless people.

Ravi Kalra runs an NGO by the name Earth Saviours Foundation in New Delhi and its Gurukul / Ashram houses about 125 Old, Abandoned, Mentally Challenged men and women. Earlier the NGO operated from Vasant Kunj which was completely razed by an unfortunate fire accident and 2 of the occupants were completely turned into ashes in the accident. Presently, they are operating from a Farm near Mahipalpur, New Delhi.

Dwarka Express (DE) spent a few hours with Ravi Kalra (RK) talking to him and other occupants of the Gurukul / Ashram.

DE: Sir tell us something about your initial days of life and how you were motivated to do what you are doing today.

RK: I was born and brought up in a middle class family in Delhi. Did schooling from a local government school. Could not finish graduation initially but later on, did Masters Degree in International Instructor (Taekwondo) from South Korea.

I have seen worst of worst days as well as best days in life.

In childhood days, we didn’t even have electricity in our house but later on, we afforded a house in Golf Links Delhi.

I didn’t even have 10 Paisa to travel by Bus but later, I saw constant layer of profits ranging upto Rs 1 lakh per day.

I used to bunk school and run bare foot on railway tracks and now, I have been blessed enough to travel 42 countries across the globe.

In childhood days I used to knock on neighbours door to ask for curd as we didn’t have vegetable to eat bread with.  And then, we afforded the best chefs of 5 Star Hotels in our private home.

But I didn’t wish all this in life. I was starving to do something for the underprivileged. I made 6 attempts in 20 years and in 2007, I donated my life to serve the needy. I left all luxuries in life.

DE: What was the turning point in your life? One incident that pushed you to devote your life to help the needy.

RK: One day, I saw a human baby and a dog eating from the same stinking garbage pile. This made me give up all luxuries in life. After this, I used to go out on roads and bring suffering people to this Temple of Humanity.

DE: Any message for our readers?

RK: I just want people to respect their parents in their old days as they were the one who brought them into this world and made them what they are today.

Dwarka Express salutes this spirit of serving the humanity in true sense.

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