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Relationship: Need and Requirements



People so often talk about relationship but what is relationship. It starts rather from the existence in the world till the last leg of living journey. People have tried to define it in a different ways but infect to define the relationship is itself a question mark?

There are various spiritual angle to it with saying that it is pre-fixed. If that is the case then we must stop searching it. Nevertheless we engage in relationship in this world according to our need and requirement. This is the relationship we understand and try to explore. Somehow the contract has been defined in the same way. It is a kind of engagement according to need and requirement’s. Does it mean relationship is contract?

In the given circumstances yes it is a kind of contract. May be verbal or written. In whatever form it may be it matters only when it is honored. And hence relationship has no meaning unless it is homered with sincerity and honesty. But end of the irrespective the number and types of relationship we enjoy with each other or with one another one thing is common that we all are human being. It is a feeling and once you try to conceptualize it will start going out of your reach .Therefore, enjoy the relationship without giving a nomenclature to it if at all you want to enjoy it at the best. When we starts binding the relationship it hurts as in the case of binding water or air. It starts flowing from heart to heart and there is no role of brain who always judge the relationship in terms of gain or loss. This is not an article which can be treated for trade or to be presented as gift. Be with it and be with life.

Commitments and trust are the base of any relations. Relationships are the path in which we can explore more and more about feelings and path of love…Love is part of relationship and understanding is one of the pillar.

I think one should enjoy every moment of relation, as relation helps us to make better person and responsible too. Relations having name in this world and we all are enjoying those by names: mom, dad, brother, sister, spouse, kids and most important friends…so we are enjoying everything which comes to us in this lovely and beautiful life…

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