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Save mother earth by whatever means

Save mother earth by whatever means

Earth Day: Dwarkaexpress

Earth Day: Dwarkaexpress

We all have mother who has so much love and affection for us. She takes care and try to build us as a good human being. But even she express her anger at times but we have a mother who does everything for us and never say anything despite all our wrong doing. This is our mother earth. This is mother is the only feeder to all creature of the world.We do so much on our birthday why cant we celebrate one day for our universal mother. And that is why……Today we are celebrating Earth’s Day, but can’t we celebrate this day everyday as humans, plants also need time/years to grow up and help in clean the environment. Now fashion of celebration, this day, that day, but the issue is why we stick on a single-day…we have to plant frequently and teach kids about them in our moral values.

We need to teach kids about the necessity of environment, about the clean air, clean water so that we will not suffer from diseases and environment should be on least risk. Otherwise rest assured that Generation to come will call us irresponsible as the situation of earth is deteriorating day by day.
Few steps will help us make better human contribution towards environment:

Since our school begins from home and hence let us start this from our home. Environmental experts always try to explain the meaning of dustbins:

Most of the people don’t even know the meaning of biodegradable or non-biodegradable dustbin. And this is very important thing to know.

Biodegradable dustbin is usually green in colour and is used for the products like kitchen food scraps: vegetable or fruit, garden waste, paper, egg shells, human and animal waste etc., which is easily decomposed into soil and healthy for environment.
Non-Biodegradable dustbin is usually blue in colour or depends on locality and is used for products, which take long time to decompose or never to decompose like bottles, metal cans, plastic products, metal scraps, etc. So kids and their parents, grandparents take care of bin, which threw and scrap of dust of our house.
Plant trees: This is our elder responsibility to teach a kid, what is use and benefits of trees, how they can help us in providing healthy food and environment? So teach your kids to plant a tree on his/her birthday or any other occasion. We can adopt a habit of gifting plants. Habits are come from family.
Plan environmental work shop: Workshop helps in understand the value of environment, how to reduce wastage, how to grow more plants, what are the plants for indoor or outdoor, how to maintain your garden well and many more. Basic topics related to environment should be covered like: water cycle, climate changes, recycling processes etc. So better on the regular basis, plan a workshop.
Buy or support Eco-friendly products: Jute is the best example of basket or bag nowadays. We should avoid plastic poly-bags or in a true manner boycott plastic products and try to use paper bag or jute or cloth bags.  Try to avoid disposable products during eating or thermocol or plastic glass for tea or coffee.
Never waste energy: We know the energy conservation policy that saving energy is generating energy as it cant be generated but transformed only. We must not use electricity for 1 hour in one moth is a good idea. We should also avoid wastage of water.
Reduce paper consumption: As we know that paper is being made from trees and thus it is important to reduce its consumption as it is directly proportionately related to cutting trees. Even in office work we can avoid paper printing by using emails or social media.
Take care of Animals: Respect the existence of animal and love them. They are also lovely part of our mother earth.
Be organic and use organic food: This is important part which is the need of the hour. Beside favorable with environment is good for health also.
Use natural energy: Solar system and biotechnology are good example of it and by promoting this we can do a better service.

Point to Remember: Every day is Earth/Environment Day. So plan a small thing every day to safe environment or reduce pollution like Air and Water. Better not to restrict on a particular day for taking a step towards healthy life. We can do it every day and feel the difference.  And the important point is that we should lead by example rather than leaving it for generations.

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