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Senior Citizens Take the Lead

Senior Citizens Take the Lead

Dwarka is Blessed with Active Senior Citizens

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sansthan is one of the very few active organisations in Dwarka and what is most remarkable about this organisation is that its a Senior Citizens’ Association. While all other departments and organisation had their cleanliness drives on 2nd October 2014, this organisation had already been doing this activity for years and have still not stopped. Every Saturday, a team of 15-20 Senior Citizens along with a few others get out of their homes early morning and gets to work with SDMC Staff (which is often missing). Their work is not superficial or for photo ops but they work on ground and ensure that their efforts bring results and no doubts, they have been largely successful.

Not only cleanliness but their love for plants and greenery is also remarkable. The entire team personally takes care of the plants in Sector 22 and Sector 23 of Dwarka Sub-City. They also team up with DDA Horticulture Staff to get Saplings planted, grass trimmed, parks cleaned and much more.

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Today, Saturday, was no different for them. The team of Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sansthan got out and planted saplings on footpaths of Road No 226 (Dwarka Sector 22/23) at spots where trees planted earlier had died for some reasons. Weeds were also removed. Leading by example, the active senior citizens ignored their aging backs and bent down to pick up all non-biodegradable waste like ice-cream wrappers, cups, glasses, etc lying in between trees and shrubs all along the road number 226.


We salute the young spirit of our Senior Citizens. They are leading by example and we all should follow their footsteps and support them!



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