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Should retirement age matters in Politics?

Sometime age doesn’t matter, but sometimes age should be limited for every work. As we all are fully aware in today’s world we are live in brain’s world, not by age.  Age is just becoming a number with modern medicine and the advancement of technology. Retirement is not a sign of the end but a step in a new direction and thought.

India should not have a random retirement age. In most parts of the world, age is a fashionable thing for one’s experience, and age can be very beneficial in terms of what a person has to share politically.

In every country with a civilized government, citizens should be given the opportunity to retire, once they have reached an age when their health starts declining. When a person not able to take decisions and not good participant in activities and debates.

But in true manner, it depends from situation to situation, there has to be a fine balance of young and old people. While old people have more experience and patience, young people are energetic and full of new, innovative ideas.

There should a judgment criterion for selecting people and a retirement age should not be forced on all politicians.

There are many old people who may not be physically fit and active enough but they know the nation and people well so its important to retain them till their will.

But at present scenario of India, there are mostly old people. Youth is not encouraged to participate in politics. It’s not good.


  1. ashok mehrotra

    who stopped youths not to enter politics,but today,s youth is self centred,not concerned with anything except money,no respect for elders.than immaturity in politics pays heavily.youths may be dashing but politics needs patience.youths may be given chance but their control should be in hands of matured people(hate writing old,old is junk, we r matured not junk)of course if matured people feel they cannotdo service to the nation,they should opt for retirement.

  2. Shobhit Chauhan

    Ashok ji!

    I beg to differ. Your comment on the Youth doesn’t go well with a lot of young people these days. I would like to point towards the recent youth movement. Youth was the group which stood up in Jan Lokpal Issue and other Social Movements in last 2 years. Youth left heir jobs and joined the social causes. They sacrificed their money for social issues and in return they got satisfaction of doing something for the nation. If we look at Indian History, Bhagat Singh and Rani Bai were young people who laid down their lives for the country.
    What did the old people (mature people as you say) do? Sat at the coffee table and discussed the sad situation in our nation? Blame the govt? What else did they do?

    Youth was the group which bravely faced water canons and lathis of Delhi Police and other paramilitary forces at various places during the recent public outburst after the brutal gang rape of a 23 years old young girl. Did they not show their respect towards their fellow men? Did they not respect the elder? Did they not fight for the safety and security of the women. Of course exceptions are always there. We have many examples of old men (mature men) behaving crazy! ND Tiwari, Porn videos in assembly, Gopal Kanda, Manu Singhvi, and many others.

    Singling out the youth as a negative section of the society is not at all acceptable. In fact, in current scenario the youth is playing a better role at social level than the elder counter parts.

    Shobhit Chauhan

  3. Hi guys…I think we are out of track here: its about the retirement age, not the debate of youth and mature people…so i appreciate your comments on retirement age..and we definitely discuss youth and mature people matter in another post 🙂

    • Shobhit Chauhan

      @Dwarka Express:

      Debate can not be limited to one single issue. We have to draw conclusions from a lot of related subjects.

  4. I think recruitment age matters more than retirement age. Weather its politics or business, as long as your brains understand the pulse of people you cater to, age is no bar. Our Constitution respects youth as it allows 25 year old candidate to be Prime Minister, I am sure all patriots on the forum believe in people who wrote this constitution and yet look around and you see no young candidate being given a chance to prove his/her worth in politics so early.
    Retirement in government jobs are decided at an age not because old people become obsolete but because young needs to grow and bring in a sea change. Its important to pass the baton for constant growth, unfortunately our politicians, who too are in government job seem scared of passing the baton and are not even asked to retire, which is not correct. Politician should retire at a certain age for greater good not because they have lost the charm but because its their responsibility to let the young take command like its done in our families.

    • Shobhit Chauhan

      I completely agree with you. But then is the Youth really interested in Politics? Does our society accept the Youth as responsible enough? Majority of the people look at the youth like Ashok ji described, Though it is sad. But then we need to give an opportunity to the youth to prove their mettle.

      If we look at the trend in India, no political party seems to be interested in bringing in the youth for reasons best known to them. Things are changing, we need to look at the youth with a different view. They can do a lot.

  5. If somebody is not able to walk properly; not able to speak properly,should we retain him in politics until he/she suffers from alzheimer disease?When we talk about retirement age in any field,we think about physical and mental alertness with regard to what his/her job requires.Maturity does not necessarily come with age,nervous weakness definitely does.It is not a question about respect for age.It is a question about efficiency.Secondly retirement should not be linked only with age,it should be linked with everything that your job requires.

  6. Hey Guys,

    Here is a piece of info from this week’s edition of “the Economist”…for complete article…here is the link :
    Extract From : Angry Young Indian – What a waste
    “The average age of cabinet ministers is 65. The country has never had a prime minister born in independent India. One man who might buck that trend, Rahul Gandhi, is the son, grandson and great-grandson of former prime ministers. India is run by gerontocrats and epigones: grey hairs and groomed heirs. The apparent indifference of the police to the way young women in particular are treated has underlined the way that old India fails to protect new India.”

    So we know that world knows…our politicians are old and fail to give chance and recognition to new India.
    Its time we have a retirement age for Politicians otherwise we will fail to make the mark we can with changing ideas and global perceptions favoring youth.

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