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Snake bite case in Dwarka Sector 17

Snake bite case in Dwarka Sector 17

Dwarka residence society and places are quite known for their greenery. But unfortunately, yesterday snake bite case highlighted from Peepal Apartment, Sector 17, Pocket E. A girl was in the trap of snake bite during play time with friends in Peepal Apartment’s Children Park. After that, people rush to the girl to near by private hospital but sadly, they refused to admit her as this is a snake bite case. Then the girl admitted to the Deen Dyal Hospital, Hari Nagar. Now girl is recovering fast and fine.

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According to the society people, they tried to call 24 hours snake helpline, which put the trappers and get rid of snake. They will come today and their charge for the same is Rs.1500.

Its seriously a dangerous issue as snake’s nature is to bite so we can’t avoid or neglect these kind of issues. We need to take care and take steps soon whether it will be open area like parks etc or flats in the society.

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