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Sometimes things happen and we don’t understand why?

Sometimes things happen and we don’t understand why?

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This is why which makes human so civilized and progressive. Even academically you can’t learn anything unless u ask why? So this word is so important that brings human journey so far. Imagine Issac Newton may not have thought why an apple came on earth and why it cant go to sky.This is an example but there are millions examples like that. But there is another side of the coins.Obsessed over “why”! Sometimes emotions of grief you can say anger, bitterness, loneliness, fear, anger and more words dancing in our head and ache in our heart of WHY with big bold letters in BLACK color.  One common line: Why did it happen to us? Why that has not happened? Why that is not the case.

Why bad things happen to good people? Why bad thing does not happen to bad people. You emphasized on this question, time and again in your mind. Felt of sadness and gloominess in your heart.  People suggest what is right, what is wrong, and you are always thinking only near of sayings. However, are these sayings solved your problem?

These sayings are only way to balance your mind and heart, but not the solution. For a solution you need to work and get out of negative energy stored in you. But before going to solution one should understand the reason for that. In fact psychotically there are three parts of brain. From part the thoughts come and another part tries to ensure the demand. Whereas role of third part to balance these two. Once there is big conflict between second and third part the person gets upset. Because the role of the first is over once it produces the thoughts.

Now how to deal with it.

Accept to differences, respect to tolerance, and agree to disagree. When words become painful means, you are in big mess and will not be able to hide your inner wounds. However, still you are bearing for the sake of someone or for yourself. You could produce some stories or so-called tales and come up to some hypothetical reasons to tell yourselves to feel superior, but there are no “real” answers. In fact this is an art and one must apply to deal the conflict. Another point is that in such situation you always think about the outcome of your anxiousness or anxiety which may bring you back on the track.

You know sometime experience taught us in a manner, that we can’t think beyond that.And that is why one should keep the option open till last moment. Never die till you die.

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