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Spark Minda and Delhi Police Raid Traders in possession with Spurious Products

Spark Minda and Delhi Police Raid Traders in possession with Spurious Products

It has come to Mida Corporations’ notice that some manufacturers are making and exploiting Minda’s brand to sell the same in the market. In an initiative to curb the menace of counterfeits on 25th January , the firm along with the help of a Local Commissioner appointed by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court raided the premises of one such manufacturer. The seized products were found in huge quantities and were using the brand name Spark Minda and Minda. The products included huge quantities of Lubricant oil, more than 10,000 plus units of Spark Minda Marketing collaterals, 3,500 plus units of product packaging material, and a Minda auto batch code machine.
The raid was conducted by Spark Minda officials and Delhi Police in North West Delhi’s Bhorgarh Industrial Area where infringed products worth 10 lakhs were found in a basement. The Delhi Police has sealed the premises.

Over the decades Spark Minda has endeavoured to deliver the best products meeting high quality standards to its clients. Any attempt to tarnish the brand value of the firm will not be acceptable, the firm is committed to exposing and taking stringent action against the manufacturer or traders engaged in spurious activities and counterfeiting products.

Speaking on the infringement of products, Mr. Neeraj Sharan, CEO (Aftermarket Division) said “Infringement is a serious concern across industries; there is a need to collectively address the issue of counterfeits. Through our sources we came across such illicit activity and decided to take stringent action against companies engaged in malefic activities against the brand SPARK MINDA , it will be our endeavour to make sure all infringed products are eradicated from circulating in the market under our brand name”

To expose detrimental activities, Spark Minda shall follow a FastTrack procedure to catch and dispose such infringements. As a part of such efforts, the court granted an injunction to restricting parties including Minda oils India Pvt ltd, CLG Oils India Pvt. Ltd, M/S Shri Krishna Oil Company by restraining them from using MINDA, SPARK MINDA and other related brands in any manner which is deceptively similar to the trademark name MINDA and its variants. The court as well restrained the use of www.sparkmindalube.com or any other domain name that contains any mark identical or deceptively similar to the label MINDA or its formatives.


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