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Stories behind April’s Fool

April Fool Day

April Fool Day

Nobody has known from where the concept of playing pranks on people on a particular day came from? That’s true now April fool is in form of pranks around your friends, love ones and family.

There are many believe behind these stories:

According to Julian calendar, New Year began with spring season approx. 25th March. And since that time, the week considers as Holy week, so they finally decided to celebrate New Year on 01st April. But when Gregorian calendar introduced in 1500s, and this time new year date shift to 01st January. From that time, it is believed that people who celebrated the New Year on 1st April was called April Fools.

Many religions think it is direct significance of welcoming new season spring. However, weather fool’s humans by erratic weather. So we humanly are enjoying fooling each other on this day…

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