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Tips for Healthy and Safe Diwali from DwarkaExpress

Tips for Healthy and Safe Diwali from DwarkaExpress

Safe Diwali 2016 around you, the festival of light and colour, the festival of prosperity and happiness.

But at the same time, oily food, heavy tummy, smoked filled environment, loud noise and music are also part of this epic festive season. 

Healthy and Safe Diwali Tips: DwarkaExpress

Significance of Diwali 2016

So be ready for few interesting and easy tips to make your this year safe Diwali more colourful and bright. Tips during Diwali Celebration:

  • Diwali is festival of shopping and roaming here and there, but at the same we neglect to have proper liquid intakes like water and juices to hydrate your body. So make sure add water in your shopping commitments.
  • Have small and healthy meals instead of heavy food. Add curd and juices in your meal to feel refresh and energetic. Better act smart to keep healthy.
  • Diwali is festival of eating desserts after meal, but try to be limit yourself on home-made puddings, phirnis, pedas etc., as home made desserts are healthier and without any artificial mixing. So this diwali pick some healthy deserts instead of market made desserts.

Now a days, alcohol is part of festival and enjoyment. But at the same time, it dehydrates your body badly. Access leads to the hangover and tired through out day and night. So make a small and little peg this time on Diwali to retain energy of your body.

  • Say no to crackers this diwali, as mother nature’s needs our support to balance the nature. And as a kids, we need to take care of mother nature. By saying no to crackers, we can enjoy eco-friendly diwali and make lesser sound and air pollution.
  • Use ear plugs while exposed to explosive firecrackers at the time of Diwali Celebrations. Make sure to protect your ear and your kids ears by using ear plugs.
  • If burning crackers, always wear slippers and keep safe distance while lighting crackers. And be with your kids while burn firecrackers. These are risky for children.
  • Avoid sweets from the market that have ‘silver’ coating. Such coatings are generally adulterated by aluminum and aluminum being a hazardous metal can accumulate in our body tissues and can also enter the brain.
  • This year, try to gifting home-made sweets or snacks, low calorie sweets and fruits instead of heavy oily sweets.

Diwali is also the festival of joy so make it special with happiness and togetherness.  Wish them a ‘Happy Diwali’ and embrace them in joy.

Make your Diwali special for yourself, your family and your friends.

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