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to love or not to (story001)

to love or not to (story001)

Regardless I recall the day when I initially met that lady on the metro station. 

In any case, tragically the issue was that she was my companions sweetheart. 

The meeting was with respect to the clever recordings, on which I was working from a couple of years and she additionally needed to be a part of that. 

In any case, I didn’t know that this excursion will go ahead such a repulsive end or might be I can state that it was an extraordinary lesson for me. 

LESSON?? Yes, it was a lesson. 

A lesson to change my reasoning towards conviction. A lesson to change my sentiments towards the general population and yes the lesson to change the importance

of affection. Yet, let me review that day, second January 2016. 

I was extremely cheerful about my life and was exceptionally all around settled in my vocation. Life was entirely smooth, However, the main issue which I was confronting is to get hitched and you can state to get hitched soon.

I attempted my best to escape this circumstance, however the greater part of the general population or you can state society was not enabling me to escape this. 

Meanwhile, this second January occurrence transpired and kept on remaining long with me for a half year of time, till September I presume. 

This story depends on a genuine episode, however, because of privacy I have endeavoured to reproduce the scene by supplanting character names.

Girl: Shazia, Boy: Rohit, Boy 2: Gurmeet

Along these lines, all began on the metro station when Rohit met Shazia out of the blue on second January 2016. The meeting was a bit of sweet which really made me feel exceptionally positive. As this was the initial meeting, So we didn’t have much to talk. 

In any case, how we talked such a great amount in recent months which you will come to know in the coming write-ups. 

Do sit tight for that:- ) 

Cheers 🙂

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