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to love or not to (story002)

to love or not to (story002)

The clarification for this meeting was to wear down some really interesting accounts which I was doing from couple of years and she should have been a bit of that. So from metro station we went to one of my partner’s place, as she was additionally working with me on this. 

We had an incredible time by investing energy together.

After this we went for a decent lunch and shared some interesting minutes on the cut of pizza. It fulfills me truly, to take somebody for treats. 

So at last we moved back to make up for metro despite everything, I recall that delightful red dress which Shazia was wearing. In the interim we addressed couple of calls from Gurmeet clarifying about what occurred in the entire day. Wow about Gurmeet, He was Shazia’s sweetheart and he just influenced me to acquaint with her. I was extremely glad that Gurmeet was a decent companion of mine, who was exceptionally worried about my marriage thing and needed me to complete it as right on time as could reasonably be expected. 

Shazia and me took the metro and left for our destinations. My metro was straight, however she expected to change at Rajiv Chowk as she was setting up from Laxmi Nagar. As the metro was swarmed, So I endeavored to be more defensive for her and at long last we came at Rajiv Chowk. I just embraced her and we chose to meet by and by for the recordings to make something unique for web. 

I was genuinely not mindful that some astounding things will occur in the coming gatherings. Be that as it may, nevertheless it was only a begin. At last I likewise came to at my destination and just messaged her and asked that whether she reached or not. I got an answer of the more secure trip and then I moved for my home as my car was parked at the metro station. 

Once more, from next morning, things were as normal my standard schedule. At long last I got a meeting call for which I was holding up from couple of days. I was planned for an arrangement in next couple of days, in the interim I realized that Shazia was additionally going to get an arrangement letter where she has been talked with few days back. 

So as after our initially meeting, I figure we never talked and nor even any content discussions happened. I was occupied with some of my independent visual computerization assignments and don’t have the foggiest idea, where she was occupied. 

In any case, at that point I sent and got a few writings from Shazia… … .writings… ..yessssss!!! this was the begin 

Do sit tight for that :- ) 

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