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Traffic Management and Public Transportation in Dwarka

Transport and parking problems

Transport and parking problems

Ek Sangharsh, a registered NGO, has been working on various issues for more than a year now. We have been able to bring about some changes in the locality.

Dwarka has been tremendous changes in past 3 to 4 years. A lot of new things have come up, etc etc.

The major problem which Dwarka continues to face is parking space. This problem arises when every resident is forced to use private vehicles as Dwarka residents are in dearth of public transportation. A major part of Dwarka is untouched by any sort of public transport.

In coming days, if things go the same way, we will have a lot of trouble in traffic management and few major roads in Dwarka, which are already very busy, will be choked.

So, Ek Sangharsh proposes formation of a group of citizens to study the Traffic Management and Public Transportation in Dwarka to analyse the current situation and suggest changes for future.

The duration of this study shall be 2 months.

The first meeting for the same on:
Saturday, 2nd Feb 2013
4pm onwards
Ek Sangharsh office, Sector 24, Dwarka

Looking forward to maximum participation from Dwarka Forum members and other residents of Dwarka.

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