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Water Crisis in Dwarka: Problem in Dwarka City

Water crisis in Dwarka

Water crisis in Dwarka

As we all are aware about the crisis of water in Dwarka, New Delhi. Dwarka is one of the popular sub-city for residential in Delhi now a days. But at the same time, problem of water is still the drawback for the people of dwarka.

Few shocking data comes on comparing with NDMC. Have a look:

Ø  Dwarka’s population is over 6 lacs, While NDMC have 3 lacs

Ø  Dwarka gets 13.1 MLD water from DJB through DDA while in NDMC area DJB supplies 123 MLD

Ø  Almost half the water allocated to Dwarka is diverted to Airport since T3 has started

Ø  1.95KL water supplied per flat in Dwarka  (150 LPD is standard set by Govt’s CPHEEO )while 757 KL per flat in NDMC area

Ø  Dwarka pays Rs. 10.76 KL while NDMC pays or DJB charges Rs. 2.42 KL .If the supply is through tanker Dwarka pays Rs. 46.50 to DDA and Private Tanker Dwarka Pays Rs.80

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