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What fruits to eat and what not to eat in Rainy Season: DwarkaExpress

What fruits to eat and what not to eat in Rainy Season: DwarkaExpress

Monsoon season ka dastak aur kuch kabhi garam khane ka mann kare

kabhi kuch thanda…

Kai baar hum barish ka mazze lete hai aur kai baar humidity se pareshan hokar

rainy season se pareshan ho jate hai…

Rainy Season is the best time to sit back and eat something hot and crunchy. This is a season where you will feel lazy. Having a fruit basket ready will help you stay relaxed.

During this season, our body gets constantly affected with allergies, infections and indigestion problems. Hence, we need to keep our body resistant against these diseases. Also, the humidity in the atmosphere will make the digestive system to go down.

For all these reasons, you need to make sure that you eat the right kind of food. The few key points that you need to keep in mind is to avoid oily food, street food or any food prepared in bulk as this may have a chance to upset your stomach.

Monsoon fruits will help prevent any major disease affecting you. The following are a few fruits to eat in monsoon:

Jamun: Best Fruit to consume in Rainy Season. Low in Calorie and high in nutrients like iron and vitamins.

Litchi: Litchi fruit is rich source of Vitamin C and available in Summers and Rainy Season. Litchis are best anti-oxidants for bodies.

Plums: Plum helps in protecting the body from flu and cold during rainy season. Boost your immunity.

Pomegranates:  Pomegranates are healthy and available in every season. This fruit helps in increased immunity during Rainy Season as infused with nutrients.

Apples: Rich in fibres and nutrients which can strengthen the immune system and keep one free from infections.

Pears: There is a high level of humidity in the atmosphere during rainy season and chances of falling sick is high. Hence, pears is one of the fruits that needs to be eaten in monsoon.  Pear is a modest source of antioxidant along with vitamin C and A help the body to stay protected from harmful free radicals.

Not to eat Fruits in Rainy Season:

Mangoes: It spread bacteria and fungal infection due to its nature of water and sugar. So avoid having mangoes in rainy season.

Melon/Water Melon: Melon/Water Melon consists of high percent of water. So again not good in rainy season.

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