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Women Special: How to improve your Bust-line to enhance your beauty

Women Special: How to improve your Bust-line to enhance your beauty

Many women would like to change the size and the shape of their breasts

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Cosmetic surgery can improve the size of your breast but its not for everyone.

Breast cosmetic surgery should be a last resort for those who want to change the size and shape of their breasts.

There are several alternatives that women can try to improve the shape of their breasts before resorting to surgery. These breast enhancement techniques range from breast enhancement creams and pills to easy breast enhancement exercises that tone all of your upper body.


If you’re looking for an exercise that increases your breasts you might as well stop right now, since you’re not going to find it. There is simply NO WAY you can increase your bust size by just exercise. Your breasts are pure fat and no muscle, so the only non-surgical way to increase their size is to increase your fat intake… and we know how disastrous that could be! Instead, target your pectoral (chest) muscles to shape and firm your bust line. This would give the illusion of bigger breasts.

The bench press

The best exercise for shaping and firming your bust-line is the bench press, which not only targets your bust line and flatters your figure, but also sculpts your shoulders and tightens your triceps (the backs of your upper arms).

You will need:
– A pair of dumbbells
– A bench (If you plan to purchase one, all you need is the simple, straight wooden board variety. A less expensive option is an aerobic step bench. You could use a piano bench, picnic table bench, or even a coffee table as long as it has sturdy legs and doesn’t have a glass top just add some padding to cushion your back.)

How to do it?
1.Lie flat on a bench, with your feet on the floor, one foot on each side of the bench, straddling it.
2.Make sure that your head, shoulders, back and butt are firmly positioned on the bench.
3. Roll your shoulders back and down so the shoulder blades are firmly pressed against the bench and the chest is sticking up. This should result in the spine being slightly arched.
4. Keep the dumbbells about 18 inches apart and parallel to the floor with your palms facing upwards. The more narrow the grip, the more you involve your triceps. The wider the grip the more the outer area of the chest is worked.
5. Slowly push the dumbbells straight up, away from your chest.
6. Fully extend your arms so that the dumbbells are directly above your chest. Pause slightly at the top of the movement then slowly lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.
7. Inhale and hold your breath as you lower the dumbbells. When they reach the chest, begin to move the weight upward again.
8. Exhale as you pass the point of greatest resistance.

What you should know?
1. 8 to 12 lifts are considered a set. Do about 1 to 3 sets at a session.
2. Do about 3 sessions per week, and let there be one day of rest between sessions.
3. Don’t forget to breathe.
4. Each round should take approximately 7 seconds. (3 seconds to lift, pause for a second and 3 seconds to lower).
5. To keep the shoulders from doing too much work, don’t allow them to come off the bench. They should remain flat on the bench throughout the exercise.
1. Raise the dumbbells back over your head or forward over your belly.
2. Arch your back.
3. Raise the dumbbells out to the sides of your body.
4. Lock your elbows when arms are fully extended.
5. Rest the dumbbells on your chest.
6. Move quickly, especially when lowering.

Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enhancement pills usually offer a combination of several herbal ingredients. Most often, the formula includes fenugreek, saw palmetto, Mexican wild yam, fennel, Dong Quai, damiana, and blessed thistle.

The herbal components of breast enhancement pills start a reaction similar to those that occur during puberty, when women’s breast tissue starts to grow. These herbs deliver plant estrogen, which stimulates the growth of the delicate breast tissue from inside by causing hormonal changes. Plant estrogen, as scary and medicinal as it sounds, is a natural product derived from plants and is quite mild.

It may take time to achieve the desired results with breast enhancement pills. Women with small to medium cup size when taking breast enhancement pills usually achieve their optimum results within two months. Some women continue to take breast enhancement pills on an ongoing basis because they notice other positive changes in health.

Herbal remedies, including breast enhancement pills, have many advantages over surgical breast augmentation, due to lower costs, less health risks and fewer side effects.

Breast Enhancement Creams and Lotions

This type of breast enhancement is not the most effective when used on its own. When combined with pills and exercises, breast enhancement creams can yield substantial breast size increase.

Breast enhancement creams act in pretty much the same way that the breast enhancement pills do. Typically breast enhancement cream contains a mix of herbs along with mild chemicals that stimulate the growth of fat cells in the breast without growing fat cells on other parts of the body.

Breast enhancement creams have other cosmetic effects, as they make the breasts firmer and more smooth, enhancing the total look and feel of the breasts.

Dr. Nitin Shakya

(A well known Health and fitness expert  is an alumni of Maulana Azad Medical College and have been associated with reputed institutions  such as Lok Nayak Hospital, G.B.Pant Hospital, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Medcity etc)

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