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World Aids Day 2015: Can we get to zero?

World Aids Day 2015: Can we get to zero?

World Aids Day Theme: Getting to Zero. Can we seriously get to zero?

World Aids Day: DwarkaExpress

Between the years 2011-2015, World Aids Day has the Theme: Getting to Zero; Zero New HIV infection; Zero discrimination; Zero-AIDS related Death.

Awareness, knowledge and discussion is the only way to fulfill this theme on World Aids Day. Like we achieved this figure zero in the Polio through various campaigns and awareness.

Lets have a quick look on HIV 

Human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS. The immune system cells in human body are damaged by HIV. Type I and Type II are two types of HIV. Main cause of AIDS is unprotected sex with infected partner. This is one reason but it can be spread through HIV infected people’s syringes and infected blood transfusions. To confirm the diagnosis of this disease blood test is done generally. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease but its infection can be controlled through medicines.


Acute symptoms, clinical latency and severe symptoms are three main stages of AIDS.

  • Possible acute symptoms are headache, fever, rash, mouth or genital ulcers, joint pain, night sweat, and sore throat.
  • During the clinical latent HIV, person experiences persistent swelling of lymph nodes. Else with no sign or symptom body remain infected with HIV.
  • Sever Symptoms are blurred vision, weight loss, skin rashes, shortening breath, white spot in mouth


  • Infected blood transfusion
  • Using infected syringes or needles
  • Sexual contact with infected partner
  • From mother to child


To diagnose this disease HIV test is done to detect the virus in salvia, serum or urine. According to UN AIDS/WHO policy the HIV test must be anchored in human right approach. Entire procedure of HIV testing and its results should be kept confidential.


Though no cure available for this disease but can control the infection through medicines.  The medicines can prolong the life of HIV positive individual.

  • Reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • Pro-tease inhibitors
  • Fusion inhibitors
  • Multi-drug combinations
  • Integrase inhibitors 


People have various misconceptions about the HIV AIDS and hence need to spread more awareness about the disease. 1st December is announced as World Aids Day and it provide opportunity to unite the world and fight against this disease.


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