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World’s Radio Day – 13 February | Dwarkaexpress

Radio is electronic Gold

Radio is electronic Gold

In the month of love, valentine or romance, do you think, you again fall in love with our favorite time-pass instrument, any guesses, yes it is your Radio…:)

When you feel sad, alone or lazy, its radio that helps to cheer up your mood. So today on 13th February, we are celebrating World’s Radio Day. In India, Radio is a life line of every house.  As we all aware radio is so user friend or universal medium, low-cost and easily accessible to any place. Radio plays an important role as it is a medium of daily news, entertainment, gossiping via RJ (Radio Jockeys), discussion on crucial issue’s topics, quizzes, prizes and lot more…

In India, you know radio broadcasting by several names: Akashvani, Vivid Bharti and now FM like Red FM, Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Radio City and many more…

History of Radio in India:
First launched in 1924, Chennai, by Private Radio Service under the India State Broadcasting

1936, All India Radio under Department of Communication

1957, Akashvani under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

1967, Vivid Bharti and other Commercial Radio Services

And Now in today’s world your customized radio, web radio or online radio is also available to entertainment you.

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